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AP Photo/Eric Gay

One day after President Biden’s dark speech at Independence Hall, warning that the MAGA movement is a threat to democracy, three FBI agents showed up at the door of a Trump supporter based off an anonymous tip that she was at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.


Explaining the frightening situation on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Lisa Gallagher of New Jersey said her daughter woke her up early in the morning to tell her three armed agents were outside asking for her.

“Even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, after seeing Joe Biden’s speech the night before I thought ‘Oh my God, this is political,’ and I was frightened, I truly thought they could take me out of here in handcuffs,” she said.

As Carlson emphasized, Gallagher was not at the Capitol riot or even in Washington, D.C., and was not accused of a crime.

Gallagher and her husband had to pull out old calendars from January of 2021 to finally convince the agents that she wasn't there.

“Imagine armed FBI agents showing up at your house because you supported Trump on Facebook and demanding records of your whereabouts on a date nearly two years ago and of course, the FBI already knew that Lisa Gallagher was not there because they have sophisticated facial recognition software, so they were never planning to arrest her,” Carlson said. “The point (and this is a theme in every authoritarian regime), the point was to use government agents to intimidate enemies of the regime on the basis of an anonymous tip.”


Carlson said this is happening to possibly “scores” of other Trump supporters but it’s not getting any media coverage. 

“This is Soviet and there's no other word for it,” he said.

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