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How These Democratic Congressmen Are Trying to Save Liz Cheney

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

It’s not just Liz Cheney begging Democratic voters in Wyoming to switch parties to try and save her doomed political career—Democratic lawmakers are, too.

In ads from Wyomingites Defending Freedom and Democracy, Reps. Tom Malinowski of New Jersey and Dean Phillips of Minnesota ask Democrats in the state to "consider temporarily switching parties" to cast their vote for Cheney in the Aug. 16 GOP primary.


"Liz Cheney and I don't agree on everything, but we're on the same side today, fighting for a country where we settle our differences by voting not violence," Malinowski said. "Fighting to stop extremists like Trump and to protect our democracy. She had the courage to put country over party for all of us. Wyoming Democrats can put country over party too, by registering to vote for her in the Republican primary.”

Phillips, in a separate ad, touted Cheney’s “honor, integrity, and courage.”

"Principle must always come before politics. And nobody has shown more honor, integrity, and courage than she,” he said. “Patriots will put it all on the line to protect our country and Liz Cheney has done that. It’s far more important than any policy differences that we may have.” 

Phillips then asked voters to temporarily switch parties. 


The group is also highlighting that former Wyoming Governor and lifelong Democrat Mike Sullivan is switching parties to cast his vote for Cheney in the primary.

Under Wyoming law, voters can change their party affiliation at polling locations on Election Day. 

Surveys shows Cheney’s Trump-backed opponent Harriet Hageman with a 22-point lead.

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