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Leftist Lapdogs Continue Helping White House With Recession News

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

No matter how much the Biden administration tries to gaslight Americans about the definition of a recession, there's no denying the United States has entered one, given the latest Gross Domestic Product report showing a second consecutive quarter of negative growth. 

The news triggered leftists to double down on spinning the news. Wikipedia's entry on "recession" was promptly changed and then its page was locked. 

Reporters got to work as well. Politico's Chief Economic Correspondent suddenly had a change of heart about how he defines "recession." 

Media outlets jumped in, too, with The Economist going so far as to convince Americans that a recession is not such a bad thing after all. 

"Lower inflation and greener energy are worth the price of a short downturn," the outlet claims. 

The dutiful obedience to the narrative that we're either a) not in a recession or b) that a recession is not so bad came after the White House published a blog challenging the prevailing definition of a recession. 


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