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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Last week, singer Macy Gray made headlines when she told Piers Morgan that sex reassignment surgery doesn't actually turn men into women. She was unequivocal about it, following up with, "I know that for a fact." 

Of course, she said she respected everyone, and if someone wanted her to use a certain pronoun she had no problem with that. Gray knew her comments would ruffle feathers but she likely didn't know the extent of it, which is probably why she changed her tune not long after. 

During an interview with the TODAY show, Gray said the controversy over her comments has been a "huge learning experience" for her. 

"Being a woman is a vibe, and it's something that I'm very proud of," she said. "And it's very precious to me and I think that if you, in your heart, feel that that's what you are, then that's what you are regardless of what anybody says or thinks." 

Conservatives were stunned by her reversal, with many criticizing her for being a coward, which opened an interesting debate between author J.K. Rowling and The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh, who recently came out with the documentary, "What Is a Woman?" 

Rowling, who has been outspoken on this issue, immediately expressed her support for Gray after the singer's initial comments. She then weighed in on the criticism of Gray after she caved, giving context to the type of harassment critics of transgenderism receive when they speak out. 

"Endless death and rape threats, threats of loss of livelihood, employers targeted, physical harassment, family address posted online with picture of bomb-making manual aren't 'mean comments.' If you don't yet understand what happens to women who stand up on this issue, back off," she said in response to Walsh. 

The two continued to debate. 

Rowling has previously detailed the harassment she regularly receives for protecting women's rights and standing by biological definitions, saying she has "now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them," but it still hasn't stopped her. 

Granted, Rowling is among the world's richest women, affording her the ability to not only have round-the-clock security but also not fear for her livelihood at this point. Gray, while a successful singer, is far from being "uncancellable" and is on the verge of releasing her latest album, which has been pushed back amid the controversy. 

Weigh in below with your thoughts on the issue. 


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