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Swalwell Again Uses His 4-Year-Old in Response to Uvalde Mass Shooting

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

California Democrat Eric Swalwell again brought his young child into his response to the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday. 


“My little boy just asked ‘did the bad guy from the grocery store come back? Is he going to come to our house?’” he tweeted. “*Now the MAGA-Republicans will mock my son or say I’m making this up as they did when he asked about Buffalo. But these are the questions parents are fielding tonight.”

Swalwell failed to acknowledge the one thing that stopped the shooter, however.

Many users also wanted to know why he would allow his young child to watch news about such tragic events to begin with, assuming the child did say that, which many also express doubts about.


Using his 4-year-old son is now a pattern for Swalwell. After the Buffalo mass shooting, the Democrat tweeted about the question his son allegedly asked him. 

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