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CNN Chyron on NYC Mayor's Abortion Position Is Pretty Brutal

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is in the minority when it comes to believing abortion should be legal in all cases, with no exceptions. In fact, he doubled down on this extreme position, shared by 19 percent of U.S. adults, according to Pew Research, during an interview with CNN.


Speaking about restrictions on abortion, CNN’s John Berman sought to clarify the mayor’s extreme position.

“You say no restrictions at all?” he asked.

“No, I say, and I continue to say, and I stand by this, a woman should determine what they’re going to do with their bodies. I just believe it's unbelievable that men are making these determinations, women should determine, the overwhelming number of people on the Supreme Court, I don’t believe they can deliver a baby,” Adams said. “So women should determine what they’re going to do with their bodies. I strongly believe that. And I’m not taking a Gallup poll to make that determination. It is something I believe from seeing the women who are in my life, my mother that passed away, my two sisters and others, they should make the determination on what they’re going to do with their bodies.”

The chyron during the interview was pretty stark: "Eric Adams: Women Have a Right to Abortions Up Until Day of Birth."


The comment comes after the progressive Democrat said during the pro-abortion rally, “Bans Off Our Bodies,” in New York City, that there should be no restrictions on the procedure, which kills a child, as President Biden even acknowledged. 

He also denounced pro-lifers as “radical extremists.”

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