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If This Theory Holds, 'the Democrats Are in Serious Trouble Right Now'

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Not only is President Biden facing abysmal approval ratings, but an overwhelming percentage of Americans are also pessimistic about America's future. This is incredibly important for the Biden administration to pay attention to, as this type of question typically tells the story of how elections turn out. As one GOP pollster put it, the question is "the Dow Jones indicator of American politics." 

According to a recent NBC poll, only 16 percent believe the country is on the right track, while 75 percent believe America is heading in the wrong direction. 

Even NBC acknowledges this is terrible news for Democrats. 

"It's a truism that voters' views about the economy begin to harden in May. If that theory holds, the Democrats are in serious trouble right now," NBC's "Meet the Press" tweeted. "That wrong-track number has been 70-plus for SEVEN months, which —in the past — has signaled big losses for the governing party. And Biden's numbers have hit a *new* low. In fact, the president has become as unpopular as Donald Trump in this poll." 

"Meet the Press" also shared another "warning sign" for the Democratic Party. 

"Voters are split over who they want controlling Congress, 46 to 46. (Sounds close, but in 2010 Republicans had just a 2-point lead on this question... ... and they wound up gaining 6 Senate seats and 63 House seats.) 

NBC goes on to hold out hope that single-issue voters could change the dynamic with abortion center stage at the moment, though other surveys suggest it will have a muted impact on the midterms, with some arguing fixation on abortion by Democrats may end up hurting them.


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