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Democrats Are Actually Running on Taking Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rather than calling for energy independence, Democrats are doubling down on releasing more gas from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is meant for emergencies.


Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan (N.H.), who is up for re-election, actually touts that “strategy” to help lower gas prices in a new campaign ad.

“Gas prices. We know the story. And while all of us are paying the price, one senator is fighting to lower your costs,” the 30-second ad begins.

Hassan, in addition to calling for suspending the federal gas tax for the rest of the year, is “pushing Joe Biden to release more of our oil reserves.”

“That’s how we lower costs and get through these times,” she adds.

Last month, President Biden authorized releasing approximately 1 million barrels per day over the next six months.


As Republicans previously pointed out, the Reserve is at its lowest point in decades now. 

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