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Ingraham Pinpoints the Next Freedom the Progressive Left Is Planning to Target

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Americans looking for the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel—for the country to just go back to normal and for freedoms to be restored—may be in for a rude awakening if the left has its way, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham argued on Tuesday.


She warned that progressives have their sights set on private vehicular travel.

"The trendy climate change thinking in Europe will come here, wrapped in a public health emergency. It’s just another attempt to foist new rules on you without your consent,” she said, noting that China would be “proud.”

The left’s “ultimate goal” is “limiting your ability to travel with convenience – when you want, where you want. This would mean the end to private car ownership as we’ve known it and loved it for decades. It’s the image of the middle-class American dream … that liberal elites have hated for a long time."

She said the fervor for government dependency existed before COVID-19, but Biden and his party intend to exploit it. Biden revealed this himself, she said, that he "wants to get as many cars off the road as possible" in order to fight climate change.

Biden said that taking "millions of automobiles off the road" would clean up the air and save oil. "This is not hyperbole. This is a fact. These are facts," he added.

"Politicians who are supporting this climate agenda must be beaten at the polls and beaten badly," Ingraham concluded. (Fox News)


In 2019, then-Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang publicly advocated for the elimination of private car ownership, arguing vehicles are “really inefficient and bad for the environment.” And in 2020, The New York Times was running editorials about the "amazing" "future without cars." That trend has continued in 2021, with Forbes publishing a piece on how the "days of personal car ownership could be numbered."

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