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By the Way, Ciattarelli Hasn't Conceded Yet and Just Gave an Update on What's Next

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II, Pool

Update: Ciattarelli gave a video update on Thursday explaining what his campaign plans to do next, given that there is about a 1 percent difference between him and Gov. Murphy.


“We’re going to allow the 21 counties to continue with the process of counting every legal vote by mail and provisional ballot,” he said, explaining that could take up to a week or two.  

“Any decision on a recount or audit will come at the very end of the counting process, not before,” he continued.

Ciattarelli also pleaded voters not to “fall victim to wild conspiracy theories” but did give a number to report any irregularities.

“Right now, what’s most important is for everyone to be patient and let the process play out,” he said. “Whatever the outcome, the election result will be legal and fair.”

Original Post: The Associated Press on Wednesday called the New Jersey gubernatorial race for Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, who defeated Republican Jack Ciattarelli by a narrow margin. But as of Thursday afternoon, the GOP candidate has yet to concede.

Ciattarelli spokeswoman Stami Williams called the AP’s decision to declare Murphy the winner “irresponsible.”


“With the candidates separated by a fraction of a percent out of 2.4 million ballots cast, it’s irresponsible of the media to make this call when the New Jersey Secretary of State doesn’t even know how many ballots are left to be counted,” she said on Twitter.

Williams also said in a statement that the campaign is “focused on making sure all the legal votes are counted and our citizens can have confidence in the system." 

Ciattarelli campaign manager Eric Arpert also said Murphy's victory speech on Wednesday was "premature."


In the same interview, Arpert said based on the final result, the campaign would evaluate whether they will pursue a recount. 

According to, mail-in ballots that were postmarked by Nov. 2 and arrive by Nov. 8 will be counted. 

Update: The campaign sent out a fundraising email on Thursday declaring the "race is far from over."

“Our team is making sure every legal vote is counted and the will of the people is heard loud and clear,” the email states. “To make our path to victory as smooth as possible, we rely on assistance from grassroots supporters, like yourself, to help us get there.”


Under New Jersey election law, candidates may request a recount within 17 days of Election Day by filing a lawsuit in the Superior Court in the county where “such district or districts are located, for a recount of the votes cast at the election in any district or districts.” [...]

Those requesting the recount must believe that an error has been made, the law says.

But a close vote by itself isn’t enough of a reason to ask for a recount, according to Matthew Hale, an associate professor at the political science and public affairs department at Seton Hall University.

But anyone requesting a recount must pay for it. Those seeking a recount have to pay the costs, unless the recount changes the outcome of the election. If that happens, any costs that were paid are refunded. (

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