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DeSantis Was Asked About Talk of a 2024 Presidential Bid. Here's What He Had to Say.

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addressed speculation that he would run for president in 2024, calling the rumors “nonsense.”

“All the speculation about me is purely manufactured,” the Republican said during a press conference in Florida. “I just do my job and we work hard. Obviously our state has led on a lot of things...I hear all this stuff and honestly it’s nonsense. So I don't really don't know what to say to the rumors."

The comments come days before he plans to join several other potential contenders in Nebraska for a Sept. 12 event to celebrate agriculture. 

“During the gathering, DeSantis will speak alongside former Vice President Mike Pence and Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. The event will also correspond with Gov. Pete Ricketts’ annual steak fry, which is being held at Arbor Lodge Historical Park,” reports Fox News.

If former President Trump announces he's running in 2024, any talk of a DeSantis bid would likely be derailed. The 45th president has all but confirmed his plans, telling supporters this spring they will be “very happy” with his 2024 decision and assuring Fox News' Sean Hannity that he's made up his mind. Trump has also stepped up fundraising efforts and his public appearances, building what Politico has called a 'turnkey' campaign operation. 

Trump has said he would "certainly" consider choosing DeSantis as a running mate, calling him a "great guy."

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