Karl Rove Thinks Stacey Abrams Is Setting Her Sights Much Higher Than Georgia's Governorship

Posted: Feb 03, 2021 7:30 AM
Karl Rove Thinks Stacey Abrams Is Setting Her Sights Much Higher Than Georgia's Governorship

Source: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez

Republicans in Georgia are taking failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams very seriously ahead of the 2022 midterms, believing that she will attempt another run for governor in the state. As Reagan reported, Abrams built a formidable voter registration effort in the Peach State and has a solid fundraising network, so Republicans are doing everything they can, hoping to prevent a “complete left-wing takeover” of Georgia.

But Republican strategist Karl Rove has a hunch about Abrams’ political aspirations, and he doesn’t think she’s eyeing Georgia’s governorship.

“I got a weird thought,” he said on Fox News. “I’m not sure she is running for governor. I think she is running for president. And I think she looks at Joe Biden and says, 'He is in there for one term, and so why should I run for governor — love to have an ally of mine beat Brian Kemp, get elected governor of the state with my help, but you know what, I’m running for president in 2024, and running for governor would tie me down with legislative session and a real job. I’m focused on the White House.’”

After narrowly losing 2018’s gubernatorial race, Abrams intensified her efforts in the state to help Georgia go blue in the 2020 presidential race. She also mobilized voters to deliver two Senate victories for Democrats in the January runoff elections. 

Understanding the threat she poses, Georgia Republicans announced Monday their new “Stop Stacey” group targeting Abrams, even before she has announced whether she'll run. 

“We will do whatever it takes to expose Stacey Abrams’ radical network, highlight her dangerous agenda and ultimately defeat her — and her left-wing candidates — at the ballot box,” said Jeremy Brand, a senior strategist with the group. “There is no time to waste: We must stand up, fight back and stop Stacey.”

Abrams’ top aide responded, saying she hasn't made a decision about her political future yet.

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