McCarthy Blasts Pelosi's 'Disgusting' Reaction to Trump COVID Diagnosis

Posted: Oct 05, 2020 8:20 AM
McCarthy Blasts Pelosi's 'Disgusting' Reaction to Trump COVID Diagnosis

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday over her “disgusting” comments about President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis. 

While Pelosi said she hoped it would mean a “saner approach” to the pandemic and that “hopefully this is not serious for the president,” she also suggested he was asking for it. 

"But it also is something that, again, going into crowds, unmasked, and all the rest, was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen," she said.

“This is uncalled for, especially in this time and place,” McCarthy said on Sunday Morning Futures about Pelosi’s “rather disgusting” comment. 

“Other nations are watching America. This is the one time we could unite together,” he continued. “[Trump] is sitting here trying to work with this speaker to get a COVID relief package together and these are the comments that she makes? It’s really unbecoming of that position.”

Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed reports Saturday about concern over Trump’s vitals on Friday.

“Yesterday, we were real concerned," Meadows said. "He had a fever, and his blood oxygen level dropped rapidly.”

Since then, however, Trump made significant improvement, he said. “I’m very, very optimistic based on the current results.”

Dr. Sean Dooley of Walter Reed said Sunday the president’s situation continues to improve. 

"He has remained without fever since Friday morning. His vital signs are stable. From a pulmonary standpoint he remains on Remdesivir and is not complaining about shortness of breath, or other significant respiratory symptoms," he said during a press conference. 

Dr. Brian Garibaldi added that Trump could be discharged as early as Monday.

Update: Meadows said Monday the president is "ready" to get back to work.

"Spoke to the President this morning. He continued to improve over night and is ready to get back to a normal working schedule. He will meet with his doctors and nurses this morning to make further assessments of his progress,” White House Chief of Staff Meadows said. “We are still optimistic that he will be able to return to the White House later today."