A Republican Governor Will Not Commit to Voting For Trump

Posted: Jul 28, 2020 8:30 AM
A Republican Governor Will Not Commit to Voting For Trump

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan would not commit to voting for President Trump during an interview with Salem radio host Hugh Hewitt on Monday.

Discussing the governor’s new book, “Still Standing,” Hewitt sought to get a clear answer from the Maryland governor right from the start given his differences with the president, particularly on the administration’s handling of coronavirus.

“Well, you know what? Like everybody else, I get to go into the voting booth and pull the lever for the person that I think is going to do the best job. And we’re going to figure that out in the next 100 days,” he replied. 

Hewitt pressed further, asking if has any doubts.

“You know, I’m going to try to make that decision like everybody else in America,” Hogan said. “I think we’ve got a long way to go. And I think right now, if the election were held today, the President would be in real trouble. But he’s certainly got time to turn things around. And I’m hoping that he’s able to get some of these things taken care of.”

Hewitt expressed his surprise that it wouldn’t be “easy” for him to support Trump over Joe Biden. 

“You know, every Republican governor out there, I expect to say I’m with the ticket. Now you’ve been a Reagan conservative since ’76. You’re not going to vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden? That’s not easy to answer?” the radio host asked. 

“Well, no, I mean, there’s, there are other choices,” Hogan said. “I didn’t make that choice between Hillary and Donald Trump the first time. I did a write-in for my dad, who I had a lot of respect for and who we could probably touch on with your Nixon background there. But you know, it’s, it’s not a black or white decision.”

Earlier this month Hogan expressed possible 2024 presidential ambitions, telling The New York Times, “there are a large majority of Americans who are completely convinced our political system is fundamentally broken, and they’re going to be looking for something different.”