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AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

UN Women may be dedicated to the empowerment of women, but apparently, that only applies to their positions in the workplace. According to the UN entity, our most important job—that of motherhood—is considered a penalty.

“Not every woman can afford the penalty. #WomensProgress2019 #FamiliesOfToday,” they tweeted with a graphic depicting all the ways being a mother is a penalty—on Christmas day, no less.

Issued by “P. Atriarchy,” and enforced since the “beginning of time”—the penalty of motherhood includes: “more unpaid care and domestic work; irregular work; reduced employment; limited maternity benefits; gender-based occupational segregation; gender pay gaps; and higher rates of poverty in older age.”

Being a mother is the most important—and rewarding—job in the world. It’s the greatest blessing God has given us. And as one Twitter user pointed out, it should never be reduced to “simple economic factors.” Others chimed in to express their "disgust" over the tweet.

UN Women's Christmas tweet is not the first time the entity has spoken about a "motherhood penalty." For Mother's Day in 2015, it published an infographic using data from its report, "Progress of the World's Women 2015-2016: Transforming economies, realizing rights," which "tracks the gender gap in lifetime income, labour force participation rates, paid leave and legal reform around the world."

In that graphic, it said motherhood (referred to as “unpaid care”) and domestic responsibilities “impacts [women’s] opportunities for quality paid work,” thus suggesting that parenting is an inferior job.


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