Attempt to Shame Trump Supporter on Daily Show Panel Completely Backfires

Posted: Nov 25, 2019 8:30 AM

Comedy Central host Roy Wood Jr. sat down with a panel of African-American voters to get their take on what black voters want in a presidential candidate, and their responses seemed to surprise him.

The similarity among the six African-American voters he sat down with in Atlanta last week is that they voted for President Obama in 2012, with the exception of one who was too young at the time. 

“Which candidate do you think best understands the needs of the black voter?” he asked. 

One voter said Sen. Elizabeth Warren and two said Sen. Bernie Sanders, before the host got to “Chris” who said Donald Trump. 

After laughter and one co-panelist saying “huh?”, Wood Jr. asked him to explain. 

"Some of the stuff I've heard he's already doing, like prison reform," he replied. "He’s been hanging around black people as long as I can remember. They loved him until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump was the man.”

Others disagreed, but then later in the segment after discussing the other candidates, Wood Jr. asked how many still thought Trump will win in 2020. Four out of the six raised their hands. 

“Do you honestly think any of these Democratic candidates can beat Trump?” he followed up. 

One respondent said perhaps if Democrats rallied around one candidate that person could beat the president. 

“So, we all need to agree on who that one candidate is and then all the other candidates support them. Tell me who’s that candidate,” he said. 

Everyone rattled off a different name, much to Wood Jr’s disappointment. Then Chris stepped in and said, “Trump 2020, baby!” 

The host then walked off the set. 

"And there's a lesson for Democrats," he said. "You can't win the black vote by pandering because black people are as complex as any other voter base. If you want our trust, make promises you can keep, walk it like you talk it, and above all, keep the faith." 

He then said a "prayer" that Chris's truck wouldn't start on Election Day so he wouldn't be able to case his vote for Trump.