Young Children Need to Be Part of the Pro-life Movement. New Book Helps Adults Start the Conversation.

Posted: Nov 10, 2019 1:00 PM
Young Children Need to Be Part of the Pro-life Movement. New Book Helps Adults Start the Conversation.

Source: AP Photo/Steve Helber

Children should not be sheltered from the truth about abortion, the greatest human rights issue of our day, argues Bethany Bomberger, co-founder and executive director of The Radiance Foundation

In her new book, “Pro-Life Kids,” illustrated by Ed Koehler, Bomberger gives adults the tools they need to start the conversation.

“The beauty is that this book lends itself to either going deeper into some of these issues or not going deeper,” she told Townhall, “but it helps an adult articulate some of the truths that allow a foundation of a culture of life to be laid.”

In addition to abortion, the book touches on slavery, the Holocaust, and racism, but the overarching theme is that every life matters no matter one’s background, age, or ability. Timed to coincide with National Adoption Awareness Month, “Pro-Life Kids” shares its vision for a world where parenting and adoption are what moms and dads will choose.

“It is a misconception to think we have to dig deep into all the horrific ins and outs of something in order to cover it with our kids,” Bomberger said. “We don’t.”

The longer adults hold onto their fear of such topics with children, the easier it will be for the pro-choice seed they will undoubtedly encounter to be planted.

With a background in teaching, Bomberger knows first hand the other side isn’t waiting to discuss these topics.

“There is a concerted effort to begin to lay foundations for the pro-choice movement, for the acceptance of abortion,” she said, noting the problem is worse in public schools. “It’s time that, as adults, we not fear it, but we find the tools that will allow us to do this properly and age appropriately.”

So at what age does Bomberger, a mother of four, think is appropriate to start introducing pro-life topics? 

“Even as young as first, second grade, to begin just even opening their hearts and minds to these concepts which are foundational to creating a culture of life.”

With “Pro-Life Kids,” Bomberger is envisioning a movement that extends beyond the book, with content supporting the book on the website On the site, users can see videos of real pro-life children engaging their communities, find pro-life gear, and access resources for homeschoolers and Sunday School teachers. 

"I believe when we awaken hearts to understand there is power in the voice of a child, that we will begin to see an...uprising because we’ve empowered our children from a young age to be leaders," Bomberger said.