GOP Rep Releases Video of 'Hypocrite' Schiff Eager for Dirt on Trump During Prank Call

Posted: Sep 30, 2019 3:15 PM
GOP Rep Releases Video of 'Hypocrite' Schiff Eager for Dirt on Trump During Prank Call

Source: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

It was not long ago—in 2018—that Rep. Adam Schiff was pranked called by Russian comedians who convinced him he was speaking to Ukrianian politician Andriy Parubiy and had dirt on President Trump.

Specifically, Schiff was told there were nude photos of the president from a trip he made to Russia during the Miss Universe pageant in 2013.  

The now Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee seemed eager to accept the dirt. 

"So, you have recordings of both [Russian journalist Ksenia] Sobchak and [Russian model and singer Olga] Buzova where they're discussing the compromising material on Mr. Trump?" Schiff asked on the call. 

"Absolutely," one of the pranksters responded.

"Well obviously we would welcome a chance to get copies of those recordings," he said later during the conversation.

While his office claimed it suspected the call was bogus, The Daily Mail reported that a member of his staff “engaged in correspondence with what they thought was a Ukrainian politician to try to obtain the 'classified' material promised on the call.”

Enter Rep. Matt Gaetz, who isn’t letting Schiff forget about the incident.

In a video posted on Twitter Sunday, Gaetz called out the chairman for being a hypocrite. 

Gaetz accused Schiff of hypocrisy for appearing willing to accept information from the Ukranian government as his committee investigates Trump for advocating that Ukraine pursue an investigation that would have likely been politically beneficial to the president's reelection campaign.

This comes as Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee take center stage in the impeachment fight as the committee is set to question intelligence community Inspector General Mike Atkinson on Friday. The committee also reached a deal for testimony from the whistleblower whose complaint set off scrutiny on Trump's call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, shortly before which he put a hold on $400 million in military aid to Ukraine. Democrats have said the combination of the withheld aid and the requests for an investigation into the Biden family amounted to a proposed quid-pro-quo by Trump. (

“It is illegal, improper, a violation of oath, a violation of his duty to defend our elections, our Constitution, for the president to merely ask for foreign interference,” Schiff says in the video, which was taken from a clip on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Schiff apparently has two standards," text on the video reads. "One for for him, and one for President Trump.”