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Twitter Urges NYT Opinion to 'Get Some Help' After Posting Anti-Trump Star Wars Video

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, file

The New York Times Opinion section issued a tweet on Thursday that had social media scratching its collective head. The paper became a parody, some reasoned. Others were embarrassed for the Times. The general consensus, however, was that cringeworthy didn’t even begin to describe the tweet. 


What deserved such a response? 


Inspired by David Leonhardt’s Sept. 22 column titled “Donald Trump vs. the United States of America; Just the Facts, in 40 Sentences,” the paper created a Star Wars-themed video painting the president as a villain and listing 21 grievances against him. 


ON-SCREEN CRAWL: A long time coming for a White House far, far from reality....


Episode 45!


Chaos has engulfed the Republic. For three years, Trump and his allies have ushered in the obliteration of moral norms for personal gain. But now, the president has launched a fresh assault on fair elections — the crowning glory of American democracy.

To restore some semblance of order to the universe, Nancy Pelosi has announced an official impeachment inquiry into the president’s abuse of power in pressing a foreign government to investigate his political rival.

While the Congress of the Republic scrambles, the citizens of the galaxy reflect on a few of Trump’s previous actions.

He divulged classified information to foreign officials. 

He publicly undermined American intelligence agents while standing next to a hostile foreign autocrat.

He hired a national security adviser who he knew had secretly worked as a foreign lobbyist.

He violated federal election law by directing his lawyer to pay $280,000 in hush money to two women with whom he allegedly had sex.

He invited a hostile foreign government to hack his political rival in the 2016 elections.

He tried to obstruct an independent investigations into foreign interference in the 2016 elections.

He has called for his opponents and critics to be investigated and jailed.

He has encouraged his supporters to commit violence against his political opponents. 

I’m sure you get the point, but there’s so much.

He actively solicits business from foreign governments.

He encourages foreign leaders to enrich him and his family by staying at his hotels.

He clings to conflicts of interest by refusing to divest his assets or place them in a blind trust.

He said that a judge overseeing a fraud case against his university could not be objective because of his Mexican heritage.

He tried to harass the chairman of the Federal Reserve into lowering interest rates.

He damaged the credibility of criminal investigations by claiming law-enforcement agents and prosecutors regularly fabricate evidence.

He falsely accused his predecessor of wiretapping him. 

He attempts to undermine any independent source of information that he does not like, including judges, scientists, journalists, election officials, the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and the Congressional Budget Office.

He lied to the American people about his company’s business dealings in Russia.

He tells new lies virtually every week about the economy, voter fraud and even the weather. 

He has described women, various, as “a dog,” “a pig” and “horseface,” as well as having “blood coming out of her wherever.”

He enthusiastically campaigned for a Senate candidate who was accused of molesting multiple teenage girls. 

He launched his political career by falsely claiming that he first black president was not really American. (Transcript via NewsBusters)


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