An Optimistic Trump Says US Is in a 'Fantastic Position' in Trade War With China

Posted: May 14, 2019 10:13 AM
An Optimistic Trump Says US Is in a 'Fantastic Position' in Trade War With China

Source: AP Photo/Michael Conroy

President Trump sounded confident in a series of tweets Tuesday morning that the United States is in a “fantastic position" in the trade war with China.

"China buys MUCH less from us than we buy from them, by almost 500 Billion Dollars, so we are in a fantastic position," he said.

"Make your product at home in the USA and there is no Tariff. You can also buy from a non-Tariffed country instead of China. Many companies are leaving China so that they will be more competitive for USA buyers," Trump continued. "We are now a much bigger economy than China, and have substantially increased in size since the great 2016 Election. We are the 'piggy bank' that everyone wants to raid and take advantage of. NO MORE!"

The president also said China can still come to the table to make a deal before they get hurt from companies leaving, but noted that they tried to renegotiate the last deal even though it was close to being finalized.

“We can make a deal with China tomorrow, before their companies start leaving so as not to lose USA business, but the last time we were close they wanted to renegotiate the deal,” he said. “No way! We are in a much better position now than any deal we could have made. Will be taking in billions of Dollars, and moving jobs back to the USA where they belong. Other countries are already negotiating with us because they don’t want this to happen to them. They must be a part of USA action. This should have been done by our leaders many years ago. Enjoy!”

Trump reiterated his respect and friendship with President Xi and said he is confident a deal will be made “when the time is right.” 

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