House Republicans Want Federal Employees Who Work During Shutdown to Be Paid

Posted: Jan 10, 2019 7:30 AM
House Republicans Want Federal Employees Who Work During Shutdown to Be Paid

Source: AP Photo/Mark Duncan

With the partial government shutdown showing no end in sight, House Republicans introduced legislation Wednesday that would provide pay to federal employees who are still working.

“If they are working to protect America, they should be getting their paychecks on time. We shouldn't be forcing these men and women to shoulder the burden of Democrats' unwillingness to work with GOP to solve the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border,” said Ohio Rep. Bob Gibbs, who introduced the legislation along with North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, Indiana Rep. Susan Brooks, Colorado Rep. Scott Tipton and Virginia Rep. Morgan Griffith.

Similar legislation was introduced by Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama and Florida Rep. Bill Posey that would pay essential federal employees. 

"Ordering a federal employee to work without timely pay is morally wrong and runs counter to every economic principle on which a free enterprise system is based," Brooks said.

Meadows also proposed a separate bill that would allow federal employees to make withdrawals from their Thrift Savings Plan accounts during a government shutdown.

The bills were proposed on Tuesday amid speculation that Republicans could start to crack under the pressure of a shutdown that would be the longest on record if it continues into Saturday. But as of Tuesday, Republicans said they still expect most Republicans to vote against Democratic bills this week aimed at funding the government without Trump's border wall. (Washington Examiner)

Democrats are banking on Republicans caving once federal employees go without a paycheck starting Friday. 

“As this really hits home as this first paycheck is going to be missed, we think Republicans are starting to respond and understand we need a comprehensive immigration reform plan, we need to have the discussion about national security, but not while holding our federal employees hostage,” said Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass.