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Now that he’s back from visiting our troops in Iraq, President Trump’s focus has returned to the partial government shutdown over border wall funding.

In a tweet early Thursday morning, the president claimed that “most” of the federal employees affected by the partial shutdown are Democrats.

“Have the Democrats finally realized that we desperately need Border Security and a Wall on the Southern Border,” he said. “Need to stop Drugs, Human Trafficking,Gang Members & Criminals from coming into our Country. Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?”

During his visit to Iraq he reiterated his demand for $5 billion in border wall funding.

“Whatever it takes. We need a wall. We need safety for our country. Even from this standpoint. We have terrorists coming in through the southern border,” he told reporters.

Back in Washington, there are no signs that a deal is anywhere near being reached. 

According to The Hill, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s (R-La.) office said Wednesday that members will receive a 24-hour notice for when they should return to Washington and there are no votes scheduled for Thursday.

The House passed legislation last week that included $5.7 billion in border wall funding but it hit a wall in the Senate where it was clear it would not receive 60 votes.

Negotiating will be significantly more difficult if the shutdown extends into next week when Democrats will gain control of the House on Jan. 3.

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