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Ocasio-Cortez and Jim Hanson Spar Over Whether 'Death Panels' Exist in Private Health Insurance Markets

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Jim Hanson, the president of Security Studies Group, got into a Twitter argument over whether “death panels” exist in the private health insurance market.

Ocasio-Cortez on Sunday morning lamented the complexity of choosing a health care plan, calling it “one of Dante’s Circles of Hell.”

Hanson, in response, said it will be easier “when our Democrat Socialist overlords simply tell us who will live and who will die #DeathPanels rock.”

Ocasio-Cortez then argued that those “death panels” currently exist in the private health insurance market.

"Actually, we have for-profit 'death panels' now: they are companies + boards saying you’re on your own bc they won’t cover a critical procedure or medicine,” she said. "Maybe if the GOP stopped hiding behind this 'socialist' rock they love to throw, they’d actually engage on-issue for once."

Hanson wasn’t letting up, however.

"Nice try," he said. "But commercial insurance gives people choices about what coverages they want & decide to pay for."

"Your single payer nightmare will replace that with a one size fits none 'choice' decided by faceless bureaucrats," he wrote. "Coverage for all. Treatment for few."

He continued: "Ask the Brits how they love the #NHS. You're all playing the Other People's $$$ will pay for it game."

"Free Healthcare ain't free," he said. 

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