Arizona Troopers' Union Drops Its Endorsement of Sinema

Posted: Oct 25, 2018 6:15 AM
Arizona Troopers' Union Drops Its Endorsement of Sinema

U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema lost an endorsement this week from the Arizona State Troopers Association after members argued the executive board made the decision without consulting them.

When the board finally sought input about the tight Senate race between Sinema, a Democrat, and Republican Rep. Martha McSally, members preferred to stay neutral.

The association, which represents Arizona Department of Public Safety employees and retirees, had endorsed Sinema in the past three federal elections. […]

This year, some members told The Arizona Republic that the association's executive board voted to endorse Sinema without their input.

That led the association to send out a poll via email to members asking whether they wanted to endorse Sinema or stay neutral in the Senate race. 

An email sent by the association to members on Oct. 22, which was obtained by The Republic, says that the recent poll showed "the membership has indicated a preference to stay neutral."

"All members are encouraged to vote for the candidate they personally support," the email said. "AZTroopers will refrain from any political statements concerning the race until the conclusion of the election." (The Arizona Republic)

Sinema’s campaign had an ad defending her record on border and law enforcement issues, which included the endorsement. That ad was taken down Friday but the campaign says the decision was unrelated to the dropped endorsement.

"We respect the association's decision to remain neutral given the divisive tone of the race and appreciate their support for Kyrsten's past three elections, as well as continued support from members and law enforcement officers across the state," the Sinema campaign told The Arizona Republic. 

Sinema and McSally are in a dead heat, according to RealClearPolitics's average of polls, with McSally currently up by .7 percent.