Second Caravan Forming in Guatemala

Posted: Oct 24, 2018 8:34 AM
Second Caravan Forming in Guatemala

The 7,000-strong migrant caravan that’s heading toward the United States from Central America is not the only one the Trump administration may soon have to deal with. A second migrant caravan has formed at the Honduran border, although it is currently much smaller, The Wall Street Journal reports.  

Thousands of Honduran migrants gathered in a Guatemalan city near the border with Honduras Tuesday to prepare for a new caravan that would follow in the footsteps of a larger group currently marching to the U.S.-Mexico border, posing a fresh challenge to Guatemalan and Mexican authorities seeking to contain a surge in mass migration.

Church-run charities assisting migrants and activists say as many as 2,500 Hondurans who crossed into Guatemala in recent days have gathered in the city of Chiquimula, near the border with Honduras. But estimates of the size of the new group vary widely, from that number down to a few hundred, according to Francesca Fontanini, spokeswoman for the Americas region for the United Nations office on refugees.

The migrants say they plan to head to Ciudad Tecun Uman, the Guatemalan border town that was overwhelmed by a larger group of migrants who rushed into Mexico over the weekend. (WSJ)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday that a migrant caravan would not be successful in violating the United States’ sovereignty. 

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"You will not be successful in getting into the United States illegally," Pompeo said, referring to the anonymous migrants as an "unacceptable security risk."

"President Trump will not stand for this to happen to us," he added.