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Hirono Campaign Apologizes for Sending Fundraising Emails While Ford Testified

Sen. Mazie Hirono’s (D-Hawaii) campaign apologized Thursday for sending a fundraising email off the allegations of sexual assault leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh while his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, testified.


“I am spending every minute of my day fighting the Republicans who are desperate to rush Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and deny a fair investigation into the credible sexual misconduct allegations against him,” said the initial email, which was sent less than 30 minutes into the hearing. “So, while I’m focused on stopping Kavanaugh’s nomination and finding the truth, I’m asking you to step up now and ensure my team in Hawaii has everything they need to win our campaign in November.”

Shortly after an apology was issued for the “error.”

“A fundraising message was sent this morning in error,” the email said. “We apologize sincerely for the error. All contributions that were made on this page will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.” 


As Michelle Malkin observed, it's more likely the apology was issued only after Hirono was called out for it. 

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