Conyers Has Been Hospitalized Over Stress-related Illness

Posted: Nov 30, 2017 9:35 AM

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) has been hospitalized in the Detroit area for a stress-related illness, according to a family member. 

The Democratic lawmaker returned to Michigan this week amid allegations of sexual harassment.

"I just spoke with Monica Conyers on the phone and we want you to know that the congressman is resting comfortably in an area hospital. He's doing OK, as well as he can be expected for a gentleman that's approaching 90 years of age," political consultant Sam Riddle told reporters Thursday morning. "The congressman's health is not what it should be and lot of that is directly attributable to this media assault."

At least two former staffers have accused him of sexual harassment, including one who said he fired her for refusing his sexual advances. Conyers settled the complaint in 2015.

While he has acknowledged the settlement he denies wrongdoing.

He did, however, step down as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee. 

"After careful consideration and in light of the attention drawn by recent allegations made against me, I have notified the Democratic Leader of my request to step aside as Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee during the investigation of these matters," Conyers said in a statement Sunday afternoon.

"I deny these allegations, many of which were raised by documents reportedly paid for by a partisan alt-right blogger," the statement continued. "I very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family before the House Committee on Ethics."

According to multiple reports, the 88-year-old lawmaker who's the longest serving member of Congress will not seek reelection in 2018.

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