Dem Congressional Candidate Says Climate Change Skeptics Should Commit Suicide

Posted: May 03, 2017 7:30 AM

If you’re a climate change skeptic, Montana Democratic congressional candidate Rob Quist thinks you should just kill yourself. Seriously.

Quist was given the last word on climate change during a debate last weekend and this is what he advised skeptics to do:

"This is something that the entire world needs to address. If any those of you that feel like this is not a problem, I challenge you to go into your car in your garage, start your car, and see what happens there."

This comment isn’t the only unusual thing about the Democratic candidate. Guy reported Monday that Quist, a musician, has performed a number of times over the years at a nudist resort in Idaho…with his daughter.

These issues aside, Quist has other problems that could affect his chances at taking Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke’s seat (who’s now Secretary of the Interior)—namely, his stance on the Second Amendment. He’s also trailing his Republican opponent by 15 points.

The special election will take place May 25.   

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