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Here's a List of Who Trump Will Be Meeting With Today

President-elect Donald Trump still has a number of cabinet positions to fill, so all eyes are still on who he is continuing to bring to Trump Tower.

According to Politico’s Playbook, he will be holding half-hour meetings with the following people today starting at 1 p.m.:


Sandeep Mathrani, the CEO of General Growth Properties (1 p.m.); Paul Atkins, the CEO of Patomak Global Partners, and a former commissioner of the SEC (1:30 p.m.); Kathleen Hartnett White , the director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation (2 p.m.); Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta, a conservative House Republican who backed Trump early (2:30 p.m.); Dave Steward, the chairman of World Wide Technology (3 p.m.); Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of Oklahoma (3:30 p.m.); David A. Clarke , the sheriff of Milwaukee County (4 p.m.) and John Allison, the former chairman of BB&T (4:30 p.m.).

Cabinet positions are still open for State, Interior, Commerce, Labor, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, EPA, Agriculture, Treasury, trade representative, administrator of the Small Business Administration, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, and Office of Management and Budget director. 

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