Trump Hits Clinton For Being Corrupt in New Ad

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 4:00 PM

Donald Trump is going after Hillary Clinton in a new ad for being corrupt and amassing her wealth through pay-to-play politics.

The TV ad, released this week, shows Bill and Hillary Clinton laughing as the narrator says, “The Clintons. From dead broke to worth hundreds of millions,” before questioning how they ended up becoming so wealthy.

The 30 second spot highlights the controversies surrounding her family’s foundation, noting that “staggering amounts of cash poured into The Clinton Foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate America,” the narrator says. “Hillary cut deals for donors, sold out American workers, exploited Haitians in need, she even handed over American uranium rights to the Russians.”

“Hillary Clinton only cares about power, money, and herself,” the narrator says in conclusion.

The Clinton Foundation has come under intense scrutiny this election cycle for conflicts of interest—something even Chelsea Clinton had "serious concerns" about.