WATCH: Sheriff David A. Clarke Explains Why He Arrested a Hostile Airline Passenger

Posted: Sep 30, 2016 7:45 AM

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. wasn’t about to let a rowdy and intoxicated man intimidate his fellow airline passengers and flight crew on the way to Charlotte over the weekend.

When the man “would not calm down no matter what”—yelling at passengers, running down the aisle, sitting in different seats, cursing and swearing—Clarke took action.

“I used reasonable force,” he explained. But when the man wouldn’t sit down, Clarke “shoved him face down into the seat, pinned him against the seat and put one arm behind his back, told him to stay there and not resist arrest.”

He also made racially charged remarks to Clarke, saying, “Oh, you’re one of those kind of ni**ers, and what he meant was, ‘why don’t you give me a break, I’m a black guy,’ that’s how I interpreted it, but like many other police officers, we don’t care about that, we don’t care about color and gender or whatnot, we care about what the law is and protecting people and that’s what I did,” Clarke told Fox News’ Stuart Varney.