Dem Congressional Candidate Thinks 9/11 Was 'One of the Greatest Events in Human History’

Posted: Jul 14, 2016 6:00 PM

There are always long-shot candidates in any political race, but Democrat Scott Fenstermaker may take it to a whole new level, and I’m not talking about in a “the rent is too damn high” kind of way.

Fenstermaker, a criminal defense and tax litigation attorney, made recent comments about 9/11 in a “Humans of New York” profile that has the New York Daily News referring to him as “deranged.” In the profile piece, Fenstermaker argued that the U.S. “got what it deserved” on September 11.

"I think the people in those towers died as representatives for the rest of us, for our crimes against humanity," he's quoted as saying. "Not only do I think that 9/11 was deserved, I think it was one of the greatest events in human history."

Not only is this an outrageous and disturbing argument to make, given that more than 3,000 innocent Americans died that day, but it’s particularly odd given that the vast majority of the devastation took place in New York City—where Fenstermaker is running.

When the NYDN caught up with his colleagues about his comments, the overwhelming response was one of disgust. But Fenstermaker didn’t seem to care—at all.

When reached by the Daily News Wednesday, the delusional counselor, who says he is running for Congress, brushed off the outrage.

"I don't believe there are that many people that are upset," he barked.

When told the courthouse was abuzz with the news of his perverted proclamation he fumed: "I couldn't care less what the people in the courthouse say about it!"

Fenstermaker insisted he has a lot of support for his stance and said 2,300 people have signed his candidacy petition. His critics — as far as he's concerned — can go to hell.

"You tell those people down there in the courthouse if they're upset, pull their heads out of their asses!"

According to his campaign website, “Fenstermaker represented detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for six years.”