Fox News Anchor Joins Left in Calling For Assault Weapons Ban

Posted: Jun 15, 2016 8:30 AM

Calling for more gun control in the wake of mass shootings has become the norm for the president, politicians, and pundits alike—and Orlando has been no different. This time, however, a more surprising face has joined the bandwagon: Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson.

“Yes, the Orlando massacre was terror,” she said, “But there’s no doubt that Omar Mateen was able to kill so many people because he was firing an AR-15, a military style assault weapon, a weapon easier to buy in the state of Florida than buying a handgun.”

Let’s break for a moment here to point out that right off the bat her facts are wrong. Mateen did not use an AR-15 in the attack, as Matt explained on Tuesday.

Anyway, Carlson went on to assure viewers she’s in favor of “people being able to carry,” but as for semi-automatic weapons, not so much, it seems.

“I think some of these mass shootings would have be less deadly today if that were the case, but I’m also with the majority today taking a stand,” she added, pointing to a recent Quinnipiac poll that showed 58 percent of Americans support banning the sale of assault weapons.

“Cant we hold true the sanctity of the Second Amendment while still having common sense?” she asked.

She closed with her question of the day about whether Congress should reinstate the assault weapons ban, acknowledging that many will not agree with her.

“That’s fine,” she said, “that’s what makes America great.”

She posted the question on her website and as of Wednesday morning, 73 percent disagreed with her while 27 percent agreed.