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Watch: Champion of Middle Class Struggles to Figure Out NYC Subway Metrocard

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton mocked her opponent Bernie Sanders for his outdated knowledge of how New York’s subway system works, but it turns out Hillary’s no expert either.


While campaigning in New York City on Thursday, the former secretary of state decided to ride the subway, but it took her five tries to successfully swipe her Metrocard.

“I’m proud to be a New Yorker. We don’t use a token on the subway,” she said, clearly mocking Sanders for believing this is still how the transit system worked.

Too bad her attempt to resonate with the middle class fooled absolutely no one.

Speaking with passengers and reporters on the train, Clinton said she loved the subway because “it’s so convenient, it’s just the best way to get around,” but in the same breath admitted she hadn’t ridden the subway for “about a year, year and a half.”  

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