Many GOP Primary Voters Would Consider Third-Party Candidate if Election Comes Down to Trump v. Clinton

Posted: Mar 16, 2016 9:30 AM

As the Associated Press put it after Tuesday’s results came in, both math and momentum now point to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being their party’s respective nominees. But the thought of the general election coming down to a matchup between the billionaire businessman and the former secretary of state has many GOP primary voters seriously weighing other options.  Among those options, apparently, is choosing a third-party candidate.

According to exit poll results from states that voted on Tuesday:

In another sign of anti-Trump sentiment among some Republicans, across today’s five primaries, just more than half say they’d be satisfied with Trump as the nominee against Hillary Clinton, but about four in 10 say they’d seriously consider a third-party candidate.

Notably, six in 10 non-Trump supporters say they would seriously consider a third party if he became the GOP’s nominee.

And if that happens, it’s pretty much guaranteed Hillary Clinton will become the next president.