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Whoa: Israeli Stabbed by Palestinian Terrorist Pulls Knife Out of Neck And Kills Attacker With It

Israel has its own Chuck Norris and his name is Yonatan Azarihab.

A Palestinian terrorist followed Azarihab, who had been collecting money for charity in Petah Tikva, into a wine shop when he began stabbing him in the upper body in a “frenzied attack,” according to police.


Despite suffering multiple stab wounds, Azarihab managed to escape the store briefly while the store clerk tried to subdue the terrorist. Azarihab then proceeded to go back to the store, pull the knife out of his neck and stab his attacker with it. The terrorist died, while Azarihab remains in moderate condition, according to The Times of Israel.

Police confirmed that the incident was a terrorist attack.

Here’s to wishing Israel’s badass of the year a speedy recovery.  

H/T: WeaselZippers 

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