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College Students Totally Clueless About Why US Attacked on 9/11

Those who were old enough to remember Sept. 11 vow to never forget what happened that day. But the next generation, it seems, already has-- or never knew to begin with.


When asked by the Young America’s Foundation what caused 9/11, many students at George Mason University in northern Virginia had no clue, gave vague responses, or were just flat out wrong.

When you take this level of ignorance combined with the fact that at many colleges across the country students are now being taught that the US is to blame for 9/11, the next generation may actually grow up believing this to be true. And this in turn will lead to a whole new generation of anti-American leftists.

The blame for this, however, cannot rest solely on the students. It is the responsibility of the country’s education system, the media, and parents to teach kids American history—past and present.

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