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On September 11, 2013, bikers from across the country rode into the nation’s capital to honor those who died on 9/11 and to protest the callous Million Muslim March planned for the same day. The sight of tens of thousands of bikers rolling through D.C., with American flags waving in tow, was enough to fill even the most jaded Washingtonian with an overwhelming sense of patriotism. And the sound? Well that would get anyone’s attention, right? Everyone except the mainstream media’s, apparently.


Time and again, this is what grassroots filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch observed when traveling the nation for his first two films about immigration. Whether it was about jobs and unemployment or border security and amnesty, what Lynch was finding in the field wasn’t matching what the mainstream media were reporting. And when it came to covering grassroots protests with thousands of people in attendance, they were nowhere to be found.

Lynch’s latest film “We Ride to DC” gets to the bottom of this, taking a hard look at how the media has distorted or omitted reporting on Benghazi, abortion, jobs and the economy, illegal immigration, the IRS scandal, elections, the government shutdown, and more.

Liberal media bias is a crucially important issue everyone should be concerned with. Why? Because as the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell points out in the film, “How can you have a functioning democracy when the voters don’t have access to truth?”

The divisive and biased narrative the mainstream media promulgate is hurting our republic. “We Ride to DC” then is a wake-up call to all Americans, reminding them that they need to be a more skeptical news consumer.


But the film does more than blow the lid off the mainstream media’s agenda—it’s also about giving a voice to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are still trying to make a difference, the people protesting the Obama administration’s progressive agenda and pattern of lawlessness, despite never making national headlines.

Admittedly, it’s a bit depressing to watch at times (hey, you’re confronted with irrefutable examples of how the MSM is skewing the news in favor of a liberal agenda, which is directly affecting Americans’ perceptions of the state of the nation and worse, the outcome of elections), but more so, it filled me with a sense of hope for the country. The American spirit has not been deflated and that’s proven in the numerous scenes of bikers, truckers, tea partiers, and veterans at protests and events who are taking a stand against the direction this country is heading.

“We Ride to DC” will light a fire under Americans to take back the country they love. And beyond that, Lynch’s passion and ease with which he connects with Americans of all stars and stripes is refreshing to watch.


The film is a must-see before the upcoming elections and it’s important that the message is shared far and wide. To this end, Lynch offers two free DVDs with your purchase (for a total of 3) in the hopes that the viewer will pass the video along to friends or family that need to see the truth.

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