RNC Launches 'Hypocrisy on Debt' Video as Obama Kicks Off Bus Tour

Posted: Jul 05, 2012 9:48 AM

The first stop on President Obama’s bus tour, “Betting on America” will be in the battleground state of Ohio today. Politico said it may as well be called the “anti-Mitt” tour, based on how the campaign described it:

“Throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, President Obama will talk about his efforts over the last three years to get our economy back on track, doubling down on American workers by saving the auto industry, investing in manufacturing and bringing jobs back to America. 

The President will also talk with voters in their communities about the choice in this election – whether we want to grow our economy from the middle out, not the top town.  The President is rebuilding an economy meant to last – one that restores middle class security by investing in education, energy, innovation and infrastructure and reforms the tax code -- steps which will create American jobs, responsibly pay down our debt and ensure everyone – from Wall Street to Main Street – plays by the same rules and pays their fair share. 

The President’s vision stands in stark contrast to Mitt Romney, who believes in an economy built from the top down and supports the same policies that crashed our economy and devastated the middle class in the first place.  As a corporate buyout specialist, he made massive profits by shuttering plants, firing workers and investing in companies that pioneered shipping of good American jobs overseas...”

As a rebuttal, the RNC came out with this video as a reminder of what Joe Biden said about the debt four years ago in one of the Ohio towns the tour is stopping at today: