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Former vice president Joe Biden gave very high praise to the late former President George H.W. Bush Monday at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas law school event.


"I've been there with eight presidents as an elected official and none had more class and a greater sense of decency than President Bush," he said.

Many on Twitter were surprised at Biden’s words given that the eight presidents he served under since being elected to the Senate in 1973 included former President Barack Obama, who he served under as vice president.


Biden also highlighted the late president’s touching kindness to his family after the passing of his son Beau in 2015. Bush came out to see the Bidens when they were visiting Houston to thank the doctors who had cared for Beau.

"He said, 'I just came to welcome you to Houston and to tell you how badly I feel about Beau. He was an incredible young man and I think he may have been president,' " Biden recounted.

"Now how many people would do that? How many people, today in American politics, would do that?" Biden asked.

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