Comedian Michelle Wolf, Who Cried When Hillary Lost, to Host White House Correspondents' Dinner

Posted: Feb 22, 2018 1:15 PM

Comedian Michelle Wolf, a “Daily Show With Trevor Noah” contributor, will headline the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, the White House Correspondents' Association announced Thursday. Wolf has made no secret of how she feels about President Trump, even admitting in an interview that she cried when he was elected. She also became emotional following a profanity-laced rant on the “Daily Show” after the election.

She characterized the candidates as “experienced politician versus racist, fake gynecologist” saying, “wow America, I mean I knew you were sexist, I’ve seen your Carl’s Jr. commercials, but instead of electing a woman president we chose Donald Trump who shouldn’t even be president of lunch meat."

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wolf talked about crying when Trump won.

“That was such a weird day to begin with. I remember we left the office very late because we had a live show election night,” she recounted. “We left the office very late. I walked home. I walked by the Javits Center [where Hillary Clinton's rally was], it's on my way home and I walked by it, or as close as I could get to it at night. I just kept picturing all those people that have ... I don't know ... Everyone around, they seemed very sad and no one was really happy or loud.”

When asked about her voice cracking at the end of her segment she said, “I cried a little bit right after I walked past [the Javits], but I also — like I hate showing emotion. It's still a thing when people bring it up, I'm like, ‘Uh-uh...’ I'm glad it happened because I think a lot of people were feeling the way I felt and I think they wanted the go-ahead for it to be okay to feel like that. Maybe. That's just my opinion.”

 “I have been a fan of Hillary for a very long time,” she admitted. “I think she has done a lot of really, really good work but I think is overlooked because people have maybe not really respected her because she's a woman. The one thing we know that's true about Trump is that he says a lot of bullshit, a ton of bullshit, we all know this. He is full of it. You never really know what he means, but you do know the one thing that has been consistent about him through out his life is he values women based on age and beauty. And that's it.”

Wolf has tweeted some controversial things about Trump and his family over the past year, including calling Trump the “dumbest President ever” and comparing Ivanka Trump to an “empty box of tampons.”

 “I’m delighted to announce ‘Nice Lady' Michelle Wolf as our featured entertainer this year,” Margaret Talev, president of the White House Correspondents' Association said in a statement.

“Our dinner honors the First Amendment and strong, independent journalism,” Talev added. “Her embrace of these values and her truth-to-power style make her a great friend to the WHCA. Her Pennsylvania roots, stints on Wall Street and in science and self-made, feminist edge make her the right voice now.”

It is still unclear if President Trump will attend the event. He skipped the Correspondents’ dinner last year where another Daily Show correspondent, Hasan Minhaj, made fun of his sobriety which is due to his brother’s death from alcoholism.