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Biden's Backdoor Pardon for Hunter

The walls are closing in on Hunter Biden if one is to believe some of the recent leaks and reports over the past two weeks. 

A senior agent at the IRS has obtained protective, whistle-blower status and will testify that there has been obstruction at the Justice Department holding up the criminal investigation of the president's son. 


Additional sources at both the IRS and FBI revealed their frustration that the US Attorney in Delaware hasn't moved forward with charges, even though their investigation was completed more than a year ago. 

Plus, we received confirmation of the obvious fact that it was the Biden campaign that orchestrated the infamous letter from 51 so-called Intelligence Community "experts" who claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was not authentic and was Russian disinformation. In fact, it was now Secretary of State Antony Blinken who arranged the entire fraudulent lie that news organizations used to justify their outright censorship of the damaging story about the younger Biden, as well as the president's brother and "The Big Guy" himself. 

However, the most nefarious news related to Hunter Biden emerged mid-week, as we learned the lawyers for the "smartest guy" Joe Biden knows were meeting privately with representatives of the DOJ just a couple of blocks away from the White House. 

This would be nefarious because "career tax attorneys" were in attendance, which suggests that a negotiated plea deal may be underway regarding tax evasion crimes – not money laundering, selling access, foreign lobbying, blackmail, bribery, child prostitution, human trafficking, and the multitude of other crimes we've all seen on Hunter's laptop. 

The plea deal could come with a sweetheart immunity deal in exchange for Hunter's full cooperation and testimony. 


In other words, Hunter gets a slap on the wrist for lesser charges and immunity from the big stuff that would implicate other Biden family members, including, potentially, the president himself. 

This would be tantamount to a backdoor pardon. Hunter gets off, and Joe doesn't need to get his hands dirty with the messy political fallout of a pardon. He can even falsely claim that he had "no knowledge of what the Justice Department was up to, they are completely independent, don't ya know!" 

On Friday's "O'Connor Tonight" news show on Salem News Channel, I interviewed Rep. Jim Jordan about this very scenario, as well as other issues related to the Judiciary and Oversight Committees. Watch the video of the interview above. 

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