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Biden, Blinken Orchestrated Letter to Undermine Hunter Biden Laptop Story Ahead of 2020 Election

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

President Joe Biden allegedly promoted a debunked letter from 51 former intelligence officials that was put into plan by Secretary of State Antony Blinken to falsely undermine a New York Post story about Hunter Biden's laptop as supposed Russian disinformation.


In 2020, former President Trump questioned Biden during a presidential debate arguing that he could be compromised amid bombshell revelations that the now-president is involved in the shady family business. 

However, the Biden campaign quickly dissolved any speculation that Trump's concerns were valid. 

"There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what…[President Trump's] accusing me of is a Russian plan. They have said that this has all the characteristics — four — five former heads of the CIA, [of] both parties, say what he's [Trump] saying is a bunch of garbage," Biden said.

Earlier this week, former CIA Director Michael Morell testified that Blinken, a then a Biden campaign adviser, contacted a former CIA official and "set in motion" the false statement debunking the Post's story as "Russian disinformation."

Weeks before the 2020 election, dozens of ex-national security officials signed a letter claiming that Hunter's laptop had "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation."

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) sent a letter to Blinken on Thursday to notify him that the lawmakers are conducting oversight of the situation. 


"We are examining that public statement signed by 51 former intelligence officials that falsely discredited a New York Post story regarding Hunter Biden's laptop as supposed Russian disinformation," they wrote. "As part of our oversight, we have learned that you played a role in the inception of this statement while serving as a Biden campaign advisor." 

According to Jordan and Turner, it is "apparent" that the Biden campaign "played an active role in the origins of the public statement, which had the effect of helping to suppress the Hunter Biden story and preventing American citizens from making a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election."

Biden is accused of minimizing and suppressing public information about serious allegations threatening the nation's democracy. 

After Biden downplayed the Post's story, many liberal media outlets followed suit, including Facebook labeling the bombshell article as misinformation. 

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