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Youngkin Signs Bill Requiring Schools to Notify Parents of Sexually Explicit Material

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) signed a bill into law requiring school districts in the commonwealth to adopt a policy to disclose sexually explicit school instruction to parents.


Senate Bill 656, which Youngkin signed Friday, mandates the state Department of Education to develop policies ensuring that parents are notified when sexually explicit content is taught in the classroom. Local school boards must adopt the policy by Jan. 1, 2023.

Under the law, local school boards will be required to ensure that parents are notified of sexually explicit instruction, directly identify specific material and subjects deemed sexually explicit and allow parents of any student in the district to "review instructional material that includes sexually explicit content and provide, as an alternative, nonexplicit instructional material and related academic activities to any student whose parent so requests."

Youngkin said in a press release that the bill delivers on his "Day One promises to give parents a greater say in their children's education."

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) vetoed a similar piece of legislation during his administration. Youngkin defeated McAuliffe during the commonwealth's gubernatorial election last year.


Also on Friday, Youngkin signed into law a separate education bill that looks to promote "excellence in instruction and student achievement in mathematics," expand of the Advanced Studies Diploma program option for high school students and increase the "transparency and honesty" of performance measures for elementary and secondary school students.

"I'm pleased to sign [the bills] into law, along with many other bipartisan bills that will enhance education, improve public safety, provide tax relief, and make government work better for the people of Virginia," Youngkin said in his press release.

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