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'The View' Host Questions Recent CDC Guidelines About Quarantining

Screenshot/The View

Sunny Hostin, a co-host on "The View," said Monday that she is "concerned" about new guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that cut in half the number of days it recommends COVID-positive people quarantine for.


The CDC updated its guidance on Dec. 27 to advise Americans to isolate for just five days after becoming infected with the coronavirus after previously urging a 10-day quarantine period. People are encouraged to wear masks around other people for another five days after they isolate.

Hostin said during Monday's broadcast that she does not "believe" the CDC's latest recommendations.

"I’m really concerned about this new CDC guidance," she said. "I know the science is evolving. I know our knowledge is evolving. But now the CDC is saying that after five days of being infected, you don’t have to test negative, you can go out. You can go back to work and just wear a mask. I don’t believe that. I think that after five days if you’re not testing you can certainly still be infectious, and you can certainly still spread the virus to other people."

Hostin further questioned whether the reasoning behind the guidance was a result of staff shortages.


This comes after Hostin previously defended CDC guidelines and vaccine mandates saying that "you can’t just make a decision for yourself" when it comes to public health.

"What we’re talking about is public health," Hostin said at the time. "It’s not only about you. It’s about the public. So you can’t just make a decision for yourself. You have to make a decision with other people in mind. And in my view, it’s very selfish to decide only based on yourself."

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