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Biden Gives Message Urging Unity Ahead of Memorial Day

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden pushed citizens on Sunday to unite as Americans for Monday's day of remembrance.

Biden said ahead of Memorial Day that the country should come together for this day to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, saying that "we’re not Democrats or Republicans today, we’re Americans."


Biden, in a pro-military message, said that the armed men and women are the backbone of the country, adding that providing for them and their families is the nation's top priority.

Our military community is the solid spine of this country. It’s literally the spine of the nation. Now, on my first Memorial Day as commander in chief, I want to reaffirm my long-standing belief: We may have many obligations as a nation, but we only have one truly sacred obligation, and that’s to equip those we send into harm’s way with all they need, care for them and their families when they return home and when they don’t.

Like many others, the president has a personal connection to Memorial Day as his son, Beau, died as a member of the Delaware National Guard in 2015 due to a brain tumor after serving in the war on terror.

As many of you know, this is a hard day for us. Six years ago today, Hunter lost his dad, and I lost my son. If he were here, he would be here as well, paying his respects to all those — all those who gave so much for our country and particularly honoring the Gold Star families.


Biden said the nation must honor with remembrance the brave service members who gave their lives for Americans to experience the freedom they know and love.

Because as a nation, we must always remember. Always remember. We must remember the prices that were paid for our liberties. We must remember the debt we owe those who have paid it.

The president's message comes a day after Vice President Kamala Harris downplayed the meaning of Memorial Day, tweeting a picture of herself with the caption, "enjoy the long weekend."

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