Twitter Teases Launch of Subscription Service Allowing Users to Undo Tweets

Posted: May 17, 2021 4:45 PM
Twitter Teases Launch of Subscription Service Allowing Users to Undo Tweets

Source: (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Twitter hinted at a new subscription-based service that would provide users with additional time after they send send a tweet before it becomes public.

Twitter Blue would allow consumers to undo a sent tweet seconds after they hit the "tweet" button on the app, tipster Jane Manchun Wong said in a tweet. As opposed to deleting a tweet after it is published to the platform, this new feature would allow users to think twice about what they said before it has the potential to be captured through screenshots after reaching other users' timelines.

Wong initially announced the platform's plan for a new subscription service in March. The service would cost users $2.99 a month and would also feature "Collections," allowing users to categorize their bookmarks into labeled folders.

She also said that Twiiter Blue would offer users a "tier subscription pricing model," which provide subscribers with the option of experiencing a more organized news feed while on the platform.

Wong said the new subscription service is a "work in progress" and that aspects of her announcement, such as pricing and the name of the service, are subject to change prior to Twitter's official announcement. She also said that the list of features could continue to grow.

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Other additions set to be added to the platform include a message encouraging users to rethink posting tweets that could be deemed offensive and a recently introduced “tip jar” button, allowing users to send money to their favorite accounts, a response to users posting their Venmo or $Cashtag under their viral tweets.