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It's All About Electability

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Editor's Note: Kurt Schlichter is back for another episode of his "Unredacted" podcast! His unfiltered, uncensored, exclusive podcast is for our valued Townhall VIP members. If you're not yet a VIP member, join today to support our conservative reporting and never miss a show!

On today's episode of "Unredacted," I touch on Joe Biden's trip to Japan and why if you want a president who hates our country, he's your man in 2024. I also discuss the debt ceiling fight and how House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has shown surprising competence when the Democrats expected us to cave. The left is now threatening to expand executive power by taking unilateral action on the debt ceiling, and I say let them. Then I get into the 2024 race, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' expected announcement, and why the race for the GOP nomination really isn't about policy and personality but electability.



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