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Is This How the Democrats Get Rid of Joe Biden?

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Editor's Note: Kurt Schlichter is back for another episode of his "Unredacted" podcast! His unfiltered, uncensored, exclusive podcast is for our valued Townhall VIP members. If you're not yet a VIP member, join today to support our conservative reporting and never miss a show!

In my latest edition of "Unredacted with Kurt Schlicter," I discuss Joe Biden's classified document scandal and why he finds it so confusing. Is this how the Democrats are going to get rid of the president? Are the Democrats even capable of conspiring to remove the octogenarian from the White House? I also preview 2024, explain why I think it'd be good for Republicans if Biden and Kamala Harris run again, and address the fight for power within the RNC.




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