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"The Greatest Achievement in Human History": The Global Reduction in Poverty

American Enterprise Institute scholar Mark Perry highlights what he says "might qualify as the chart of the century because it illustrates one of the most remarkable achievements in human history."


Perry also points to Arthur Brooks' commentary on why this is happening across the globe:

It was globalization, free trade, the boom in international entrepreneurship. In short, it was the free enterprise system, American style, which is our gift to the world.

I will state, assert and defend the statement that if you love the poor, if you are a good Samaritan, you must stand for the free enterprise system, and you must defend it, not just for ourselves but for people around the world. It is the best anti-poverty measure ever invented.

That's not to say there isn't a long way to go in making progress on global poverty - not to mention poverty in the United States - but it's important to recognize how far we've come in the last fifty years.

I spoke with Zack Beauchamp on Bloggingheads.tv on this exact topic. In our 2013 round-up video, he highlighted this trend and said that 2013 was likely the best year in human history:

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